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Chayla Jackson shares her life-changing success story.

Life Mastery

Learn to smash your fears, get out of your own way, increase your belief, and design your life.

DARE the Impossible, Kelly’s signature program, provides with you expert coaching and a step by step roadmap to help you make major changes and create your extraordinary life NOW. This isn’t just about creating a vision board and hoping that it comes true.  DARE the Impossible is about taking your life by the reigns and taking the time to design and execute a very detailed vision of your life. This program provides you with the framework and accountability to step up and take MASSIVE DARING ACTION to make your dreams happen. Ready to create the life you deserve?

Wealth and Business Mastery

Turn Your Knowledge into Wealth

The ultimate program to help you package genius, monetize your expertise, and increase your wealth.

Turn Your Knowledge into Wealth is a 90 day one- on- one coaching program designed to help you tap into your value and create the business, wealth, and freedom you deserve. Whether you’re an aspiring author or entrepreneur in the making, Kelly provides you with a step- by-step plan to help you capture your most valuable assets and turn your knowledge into businesses, books, programs, and cold hard cash. If you’re ready to take action and create massive results in just 90 days, find out more here….

Rehab Revolution (Flip, Fund, and Be Free)

Have a desire to become real estate investor but you aren’t sure it’s possible?  

Rehab Revolution is a step- by -step online course that teaches you exactly how to buy, fix, and sell houses for EXTRAORDINARY profit.  With this online course, Kelly shares the exact strategies she used to make six figures in her first year of business. Rehab Revolution is your one- stop shop for a simple system to tap into the real estate market, exponentially increase your resale profits, and create the financial jumpstart you’ve been looking for. You’ll also get access to Kelly’s private rehab revolution community where she personally provides coaching and feedback to help you reach your goals.

The Instant Author Blueprint

Finally finish your book and change your life! Learn how to write, design, and launch your book in 90 days!

Instant Author provides aspiring authors the opportunity to learn from best selling author Kelly Campbell and her team of experts on everything it takes to write, publish, market and get noticed for their work. As a best selling author and your personal master coach, Kelly has poured her writing success secrets into the Instant Author Blueprint, a step-by- step program that will dramatically accelerate your book writing process and help you publish, launch and effectively market your book.  Instant Author will also show you key strategies for using your book to create more income streams for your business.

“I am getting more done than ever before! Kelly Campbell has the book writing anointing!”

~ Patricia Taylor- Satisfied Client

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Health Mastery

21 Day “Find Your Glow” Dare

21 Days to a Better Body, a Better You and a Better Life A full and vibrant life begins with a vibrant body inside and out. Kelly’s 21 Day “Find Your Glow”  is a 21 Day detox program designed to help you lose weight, cleanse your system, find your glow and be ready to take on the world. This is the same system Kelly famously used to defy the odds and smash her and her mother’s Lupus diagnosis, lose 40lbs, and take back her life and her dreams. Learn the secret and take the dare to discover a better you!


The Instant Author Blueprint Retreat- The Author’s Retreat

Develop, design, and launch your book in 3 days!

This VIP experience provides aspiring authors the opportunity to learn from best- selling author Kelly Campbell and her team of experts on what it takes to write a book and achieve best seller status. Participants will spend 3 focused days in an exclusive location developing their book plan, completing the majority of their book content, mapping out their book marketing strategy and more. VIP Instant Authors will also receive a professional photoshoot and walk away with a book launch strategy to create the exposure they need to reach best seller status. The Author’s Retreat is May 3rd-6th, 2018.  Only 8 Slots are available.


#1 Bestseller The Working Girls Guide to Rehabbing Houses $14.99

Lessons on Overcoming Fear, Funding Your Dreams and Daring to Live a Life You Love

The Working Girl’s Guide to Rehabbing Houses is an inspiring example of how pushing past your fears and taking one big calculated risk can make your dreams a reality. Rehabbing houses is one of many vehicles that can fund your dreams, adventures, business goals when you overcome your fears and dare to live life on your own terms.

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Instant Author  The Working Girl’s Guide to Writing Your Book in 30 Days 

Finally, Get Your Book DONE!

According to the NY Times, more than 80% of Americans feel that they have a book inside them. However, despite this overwhelming statistic, most people will never make the leap to writing a book. Get the tools, resources, and strategy you need to get your book done in 30 days! Grab Your Copy Now

Mighty… Who Me?

Do you feel inadequate, powerless, and weak when faced with an obstacle or life challenge? CoWritten by Kelly Campbell and her mother Wilhelmina Campbell, Mighty… Who Me? is a story about love, faith, the power of prayer, and trusting God.